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226: Reminder (Expression and Jounin)

We have got 1 participant and 2 icons for this week's challenge. We need some more submissions please! :D

NOTE: Challenge 226's First Place (Jounin) winner will receive LJ Tokens as their prize! LJ Tokens are like money and can be used to buy LiveJournal items such as virtual gifts, add-on userpics, and more! (Read more about LJ tokens HERE.)

The screened submission post is HERE.

You have until 9 pm (EST) Saturday (July 24th) to get your icons in.
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226: Submission Post

Theme 1: Expression - Use the word, a synonym or get the theme across through use of phrase or imagery. (Dramatic expressions would be great for this theme! :D Extreme annoyance, happiness, sadness, etc! ^^)

Theme 2: Jounin - Should you choose to use this theme, your icon must feature a character that has the rank of Jounin or Tokubetsu Jounin. (A list of Jounin in the series can be found here and a list of Tokubetsu Jounin can be found here.)

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Stock - Blue Daisies

224: Results (Summer and Weapons)

Mod Note: Sorry for the lateness again. I had a really intensive course at my university and then got side-tracked by summer fun. >.>; I took a few things off my schedule and will now have time to better manage this community, though. <3 Thanks for sticking around, everyone!

Winners behind the cut. :D

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Don't forget to submit for Challenge 225: Water and Provided Textures! I extended the deadline until this weekend! ^^