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Mod Post - Changes!

Hi everyone,

I know I have not been doing a great job at modding my icon contests. Real life just seems to stay busy. I am super glad that I transferred to a better uni but with better standards/credentials came a lot more work. ):

But I have come up with some solutions:

Two (2) week long challenges. Challenges will now last two weeks each as I do not have the time for more.

However, because this community will now have less challenges I need to give you all a reason to stay and participate, yes? ;) Therefore...I will now be implementing monetary rewards.

Yes, that is right. If you win, you get money or something that costs money. The reward will vary depending on my funds but all rewards will be through LiveJournal. Right now, this only applies to members who win first place. Some weeks, however, if I end up with some extra money to spare I may award all the winners for the challenge with a prize. :)

Prizes will vary and may include: gift certificates, virtual gifts, paid account time or add-ons.

Banners will still be made and given out. Though, I will be getting rid of all of the banner makers here except for myself. This will just be easier on me to manage. But thank you to all of the banner makers! You all have been wonderful for putting up with me! ;D

I will also note that if banners are super late, you are welcome to visit the community cb_overflow where you can post a request to have your banner made for you! ^^

Thanks to all of you for sticking with me even though I have not been as active as I should be. I hope the above changes will be better for all of you and myself!

Kiki (goth_batafurai)

*Post has been edited.
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