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Naruto Icon Awards
225: Submission Post 
29th-May-2010 07:16 pm
Miyavi - Rock
Theme 1: Water - Use the word, a synonym or get the theme across through use of phrase or imagery.

Theme 2: Provided Textures - Should you choose to use this theme, you must use at least one of the given textures below on your icon. You may use more than one on the same icon, if you wish. You may use them in whatever way you want but if I cannot tell if the texture is on the icon I will ask you to explain how you put the texture on it. :)

Credit (in order): bambinainnero, crazydd, keoni_chan, missesglass, sanami276, sweetxpie

[x] You may submit up to two (2) icons. (You may use the same theme twice)
[x] Icons must be 100x100 or smaller and no larger than 40KB
[x] Icons must not be shown anywhere until the winners are announced.
[x] Animation is allowed.
[x] Should there be enough icons the special category will be: Best Color
[x] Entries must be in by Saturday, June 19th at 9 pm EST to this post.
[x] Entries must be in by Saturday, July 3rd at 11 pm EST to this post.

Entries must be submitted like this:

URL: http://i8.tinypic.com/85ptph3.png

Submission form:

Icon Count: 05

All comments are screened.
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