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Naruto Icon Awards
224: Results (Summer and Weapons) 
30th-Jun-2010 01:20 pm
Stock - Blue Daisies
Mod Note: Sorry for the lateness again. I had a really intensive course at my university and then got side-tracked by summer fun. >.>; I took a few things off my schedule and will now have time to better manage this community, though. <3 Thanks for sticking around, everyone!

Winners behind the cut. :D

Jounin: snm_queen

Chuunin: soliusx

Genin: snm_queen

Special congrats to snm_queen on your double win! :D You will receive a virtual gift for placing Jounin, for your profile soon.

Banners will be posted as soon as possible. :)

Don't forget to submit for Challenge 225: Water and Provided Textures! I extended the deadline until this weekend! ^^
30th-Jun-2010 05:57 pm (UTC)
I so missed you. This is soliusx. I moved accounts and all. :D Thank you for second place. Can you make a banner for my account here for now on, please. >:D
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