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Naruto Icon Awards

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This is a icon contest community for people who love the anime/manga series Naruto!

To compete and/or vote in this icon contest you must be a member or watcher! So, please review the rules and feel free to join and submit some icons or just stick around and help vote! :D

This community gives out rewards/prizes (through LiveJournal) to winners!

Rewards/Prizes include: LJ Tokens, virtual gifts, paid account time or add-ons.

1. Each participant may submit up two (2) icons: you may use the same theme twice.

2. All icons must be related to the series/manga Naruto - doujins are fine, fan art is not. Please know where your image is coming from.

3. Submitted icons must be compatible with Livejournal. [100x100 and under 40kb]

4. Don't advertise your icon. This means: do not tell your friends to vote for your icon and do not post it anywhere until the contest is over. This also means that it cannot be hosted somewhere where people can easily find it (public Photobucket accounts, etc.) This can result in a disqualification.

5. Submitted icons should be made fresh for each theme.

6. Please host your icon somewhere other than LJ that allows direct linking and is reliable. Try Photobucket or TinyPic.

7. You may not vote for your own icon.

8. Animation is allowed.

9. If you win Jounin (First place) three challenges in a row then you must sit out of the next three challenges. BUT you also get placed in our Hall of Fame! :)

To submit an icon, simply comment to the submission post that has the current week's theme on it (all submission posts are screened).

With your submission, please include the following:

URL: http://i8.tinypic.com/85ptph3.png
community icon by goth_batafurai

Submission Form:

Again, the comments will be screened, so only a mod will see them.

Challenges will run for two weeks. New themes will be posted on Saturdays or Sundays. Voting will be posted Saturdays or Sundays with winners announced on Monday or Tuesday.

Voting is the same as submitting. Just comment, NOT anonymously, it will be screened either way.

There will be at least three placements: JOUNIN (1st), CHUUNIN (2nd) and GENIN (3rd).

If there are a minimum of 10 submissions for a week's theme, there will be a special category. The special category is always listed in the submission post when it goes up. The possible Special Categories are as follows:

Most Creative: The icon demonstrates the most creativity and originality of design through its image, layout, text, and visual effects.

Best Emotion: The icon displays emotion the most effectively, evoking strong feeling through well-chosen image and/or text.

Best Color: The icon demonstrates effective use of color, standing out from the other icons for that quality.

Best Cropping: The icon's image has been cropped in a way that is well-chosen for both visual interest and communicating the icon's message.

Best Caption: The icon has the best text content; the words' actual meaning matches the icon well.

Best Typography: The icon has the best treatment of text (the physical appearance of the words on the icon) regardless of text content. Good text placement also plays a role in good typography.

Most Humorous: The icon has an image or caption that is particularly humorous.

Best Picture: The icon displays an image that stood out to you or just one that you particularly enjoyed.

Best Texture: The icon has the most effective use of a texture (grunge, light or otherwise), blending well with the icon itself.

Best Adaptation: The icon that represents the theme the best through a combination of the chosen image, text or effects.

Best Fit Lyrics: The icon has the best choice of lyrics, matching the icon's image and overall message.

In addition, should there be enough icons, there will also be a placement for Mod's choice as ANBU.

This community was founded by myxsilentxcries, then taken over by cdg, and now run by goth_batafurai.
Questions and comments can be sent to goth_batafurai[at]livejournal[dot]com


(If banners are late and you would like one immediately please visit cb_overflow!)

.:Hall of Fame:.
Winners who have won First Place three times in a row! :D
(You will be awarded a banner! ^^)

mugen_sasorin: 153, 154, 155, and 156
faintscribbles: 157, 158, and 159
cdg: 188, 189, and 190

Are listed: here.

If you would like to affiliate with naruto_awards comment here.

Winners can now be found in the memories!

Suggest a theme at this link.

Layout Header made by: faintscribbles (winner of our 200th challenge)
Profile Layout Banner made by: brushbender (winner of our 200th challenge)

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